Concept Note

Fatima Jinnah Women University is a leading institute with vision to promoting and facilitating studies and research in various fields of higher education for women in Pakistan. The Department of Economics at Fatima Jinnah Women University strives to produce professional economists by providing its graduates with a modern, balanced and high-quality education in both theoretical and applied economics. The department is as well committed to enhance the research efforts by the faculty and students. During the course of their studies, students of all degree programs at the Department of Economics, FJWU are rigorously trained in academic writing, analytical techniques and in carrying out theoretical and empirical research in areas pertaining to various dimensions of the discipline. This training is reflected in the research carried out by both Undergraduate and Postgraduate students. Working paper is an intermediary step that can translate their thesis into publishable work. Moreover, the working paper series is expected to provide initial exposure to the research being carried by both students and faculty members. This will help in stimulating research culture in the department, eliciting comments and encouraging debate, and getting ideas to improve the research for publication in high quality journals. This would further strengthen the publications and citation profile of students and supervisors/faculty members. Furthermore, this will enable the department to launch research journal on the basis of experience at working paper level.

Keeping in view the potential gains vis-à-vis branding and research outcomes, the department is initiating the Working Paper Series (WPS) in Economics with the short-term goal for promoting and projecting the culture of research and the long-run goal of ensuring wider recognition of research being carried out by the department.